Aerial Photography

Use high-quality images from a variety of angles to showcase your property.


Enroll in a course where you can learn to safely fly a drone.

Roof Inspections

Count on us to safely inspect your roof with a specialized drone.

Cell Phone Tower Inspections

Find outages that can't be seen by the human eye.

Showcase Your Property From a Unique Perspective

Work with our aerial photographers today

Having trouble marketing your property? Maybe it's time to look at things from a new angle. Turn to Griffin Drone LLC for aerial photography services in the Windsor, CT area.

We'll use drones to take unique, bird's-eye-view images of your property you can use to advertise to interested buyers. Plus, you can use our imaging to discover areas of your property that look neglected or need repairs. Call 860-770-7312 now to discuss your project with our drone operators.

How can we serve you?

Aerial photography isn't the only thing Griffin Drone does well. We can also...

  • Teach you how to fly drones in our training certification courses
  • Inspect your roof or cell phone towers for hard-to-spot damage
  • Build and repair your personal drones for improved use
Our company is fully insured for any drone-related project. Ask about our range of services today by reaching out to our team.

Choose the safer inspection method

Though there are many reasons to use drones to inspect your property, the top one is safety. You shouldn't have to risk someone falling off your roof or cell phone tower to identify damage. Instead, hire us to inspect your roof or cell tower safely with our drones.